Nov 19, 2019
MKMAL0 (All reviews)
I gotta hand it to this anime! I first came upon the manga by sheer random chance about a year ago. I was bored at the time, and wanted something new, didn't expect much, just thought it was gonna be yet another average series, but boy weren't I in for a big surprise! I had only read a few chapters and I knew I had to see this animated! The plot is simple enough, jokes are funny (even when repeated a hundred times), and many of the recurring gags have me shaking with laughter whenever I just happen to remember them. For example, every time I remember Nendou's voice (which is a perfect performance by the seiyuu btw) asking his "aibo (pal)" Saiki to go get Ramen for the 100 psychicillionth time, it genuinely cracks me up!
The series also takes the anime trope where we get to see characters' inner thoughts to the absolute next level. The choice for Saiki's seiyuu as Kamiya Hiroshi (Levi from SnK) is also perfect for his tone and character, as with most other seiyuus in the anime.
Many people have mentioned this already, but the series gets even better in this season, especially what they did with the OPs/EDs was really unique.

I don't watch a lot of comedy anime, but this is definitely my top spot for comedy anime! I can't remember when was the last time I laughed THIS hard consuming ANY type of media, be it a movie, a series, or a book! I'm so sad to see both the manga and anime come to an end, and wll probably rewatch this over and over.