Nov 19, 2019
WowWaldo (All reviews)
I enjoyed seeing the character develop as people throughout the series as they bonded through different obstacles in life. I thought it was interesting how the adults were connected with one another in parallel to the next generation.

It was pleasant to see how each of their characters matched what genre of manga they work on.

I wish they gave more insight into the struggles they face such as trying to stay motivated or when they run out of steam while working. It was shown but I was still curious on the process of how they find motivation once more. Other things I would've hoped to see would've been the differences between drawing traditionally and digitally, and what editors search for while reviewing the final drafts. I would've liked seeing them explain some manga jargon and perhaps them drawing in different art styles that they haven't tried before.

The story has snippets of daily life, the art's adorable, the voice actors did amazing, and overall I enjoyed watching this series.