Nov 17, 2019
Drakonical (All reviews)
I'm writing this review directly after watching Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. I don't have the vocabulary to describe how much this show made me feel. This is my first time writing a review, but I feel that writing a review for this show is the only way I can truly give it justice.

The first thing I know is that this is the first show I have ever watched that has made me genuinely cry during an episode. If I am truly honest, I did not give the show as much credit as much as I do now. Kousei Arima is an incredibly written main character with so many depths of personality throughout the show. Sometimes he's sad, sometimes he's enraged, he feels powerless, sometimes he's inspired, he's jealous, scared, in love, conflicted, and caring, but he changes throughout the show and the show makes you see his change visually and audibly through the music he plays.

Kaori. She starts off as the bright, joyful, and positive go-getter. She becomes the absolute reason Arima begins to feel expressive, emotional, and allows him to find himself. Kaori is expressive but she is this way due to her circumstances. It's hidden at first but it peeks out more and more as you watch. And once you begin to truly see what is happening while nobody is looking it lurks in the back of your mind and elevates everything new the show gives you. She's inspiring, she makes the show inspiring, shes pure, beautiful in a way you can't describe, and one of the greatest characters i've ever watched.

The music is something I might not be able to forget, the music played for the show was incredible and hearing it described by the characters made it even better, it truly sounds harsh if the character playing it feels panicked, it gives off a gentle aura if the character wants to play their music for others to hear. Classical music is not a genre I would definitely not call my cup of tea, but this show truly made me stop and listen for something deeper than the notes played in the music but for the tone of it, the tempo, the depth of sound, and the feelings behind the players.

Kousei's mother is definitely a character I cannot go without mentioning. At the start of the show you see her from Kousei's point of view and what she made him go through to get to where he was as a child prodigy. From that point of view, it truly makes you hate her and what she thought of Kousei's pure efforts to go through abuse and endless practice for her despite what she was doing. But when you look at Kousei's state and powerlessness after all events have passed and his state before Kaori's entrance and how Kousei feels about his mother's death, you cant truly wish that his mother was still dead. only after seeing how it really went down without Kousei's misunderstandings and how it truly was just a mother's worry for her child and her happiness to see his growth do you see that she was a truly positive effect on Kousei's life as a whole.

About every other character in the show. All the characters in the show are inevitably related to the main character Kousei. His rivals for example, Takeshi and Emi, are at their levels and are driven to new heights Kousei. Emi in particular only even begun to play the piano in the first place due to his first performance. The performance where the young elementary school Kousei truly put his heart into his playing before his mother began running out of time inspires Emi while his mother's robotic product of him inspires Takeshi as an incredible force that always walks away victorious as if he were an all-powerful superhero. Kousei's best friend Ryota Watari, serves the purpose as the absolute wall between Kousei and Kaori as well as an encouraging force that helps Kousei along his path to becoming a true pianist. Tsubaki Subawabe is an the athletic type full of energy and is Kousei's childhood friend, but she has a layer of feeling underneath everything. She's jealous, music keeps her away from Kousei. Kaori comes into the picture, Kousei's view of music after his mother's death, his wish to fully pursue and devote himself to music keeps her jealous and conflicted while also pushing him along his path like Tsubaki. Even the smaller supporting characters are related to him. Nagi doesn't like Kousei because his quitting and denial of the piano caused her brother to lose his will to become ever better but through this she finds a relationship between a similarity in her and Kousei's positions.

The design of the show varies depending on the situation. Whenever a song is to be played, the show presents an elegant and graceful tone while reflecting the player's mental state. If the characters are at school, the tone gives off a peaceful vibe mostly throughout the show. The show changes its tone often to reflect what feeling the show is trying to convey. Sadness, panic, joy, eagerness, excitement. All these feelings are conveyed through the design of the show and the music that goes with it.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is a story of Kousei's journey in becoming a musician conveying his feelings into his music to become a true pianist. He mixes his experiences and finds passion in playing the piano. He finds that playing well requires a person or people you want to play for. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is a story of perseverance, sadness, love, jealousy, elegance, rivalry, trauma, and leaving the past behind to become a better person.

I recommend this anime to anybody especially if they may be in a rough spot. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is by far among the greatest shows I have ever watched and I suggest that you definitely give it a watch even if the music genre does not tickle your fancy.