Nov 15, 2019
Synchronisity (All reviews)
Whenever a Sherlock themed work is announced, it generates a set of unrealistic expectations from fans-
1. Will the adaptation be faithful to the book?
2. Will the characters be in "character" as Doyle intended it to be?
3. Will it be a procedural police/detective drama involving analytical breakdown of crime scene?

Quite a number of adaptations we have seen ever since television became mainstream in the second half of 20th century. From the classic British TV to Hollywood remake starring Downey Jr. to inspired works like Case Closed in Japan and back to British TV......the list goes on and on.
One of the best thing about this magnum opus by Doyle is that the entire Sherlock franchise is super versatile- you don't have to reproduce the classic page-by-page and it will still do fine (or amazing) as demonstrated by Steven Moffat and Guy Ritchie's adaptation; something which Production IG also did. With this, we start Kabukichou Sherlock!


Kabukichou Sherlock is modern interpretation of Sherlock series set in the famous Kabukichou district of Shinjuku popularly known as red-light district. While the series had a bumpy start, subsequent episodes covered up for it pretty well though nothing much to the central plot has been revealed yet. The book adaptations have been neat with hilarious spin. Keep an eye out for easter eggs.
Note- A 23 min. episode can only have enough space for deduction and explanation so keep your expectations low.


Holmes and Watson aren't the only detectives in this show. We are introduced to a colorful cast with their unique traits and behaviour. Sherlock is neither too eccentric nor too ordinary to be called boring. Sherlock aside, this show has some of the most wackiest character of this season which makes it even more interesting. Mrs. Hudson is one interesting character to look out for. In my opinion. she is definitely the highlight of any episode despite being supporting character.


"CAPTURE" by EGO-WRAPPIN' is really good. The jazz/blues piece is really music to the ears and in some way reminds me of Cowboy Bebop OP. Definitely fits the theme of the show.


Possibly one of the best part of this series. From the back alleys to streets and Bar Pipecat, Kabukichou looks super lively and Production IG deserves commendation for that.

Overall don't be deterred by the ratings to enjoy this show. It is definitely not the best Sherlock but for a modern Japanese interpretation, it is doing its job perfectly. Kabukichou Sherlock show is definitely not meant for everyone, especially if you are expecting it to be like those 1-1.5hr episodes starring Cumberbatch.

Six episodes in and I am enjoying this series. Try to cast your Doyle-purist lens aside and watch this show. You will not regret it. Looking forward to more episodes in future.