Nov 14, 2019
NextUniverse (All reviews)
She and Her Cat was in my opinion, a great story. It features a cat, named Chobi, who lives with Miyu, his owner. The perspective of the story is usually told from Chobi, who experiences Miyu's emotions and actions at her best and worse times, as well as, who Miyu is to Chobi.

Story: 9
The story was short, but, I believe this may actually be quite fitting in a story of its type. The perspective of a cat can only go so far in such settings and genre. So for the story to be short and simple is a nice way of not making the plot become monotonous. For a short story, the events that take place are actually very daring. If not developed properly, the story would essentially be a massive failure with no real mood to support its weight. However, such failure did not occur. The story held its weight by using every possible element of character, moods, and atmosphere.

Art: 9
Amazing art, however, there isn't much I can say about it. It was visually pleasing to see and allowed for emphasised personality to the character.

Characters: 8
Now, here is where things go slightly wrong. I feel the character of Chobi is slightly empty. He made me feel that there isn't enough about him spoken of, other than his immense love for Miyu and that he has a friend named Mimi, another cat in the story. This is a real shame since Chobi's development would have made for a better connection in Chobi's and Miyu's relation. Other than that, everything is fine. Miyu's character is displayed very well, with all the events that happen to her concurrently.

Enjoyment: 9
Quite enjoyable. Again, not much to say, other than a great story and a good read if you have about half an hour to spare.

Overall: 9
Would have given it an 8 if it wasn't for the art and Miyu's character. Other than that, I would recommend it.