Nov 12, 2019
AnimeLoverMeow (All reviews)
So the story begins with our main character Naofumi, who is an otaku (how original) and was summoned to another world, to be a part of the 4 Cardinal heroes. Their goal is to save the world from the Waves of Catastrophe. Each hero was bestowned a sword, spear, bow and shield. The shield was considered the weakest weapon out of all and it was given to Naofumi. So when the heros were prividede with comrades, no one wanted to team up with him, except from Malty Melromarc, who is the king's daughter. After that he gets falsely accused of taking advantage of her and gets discriminated by all the people of the kingdom and the other heroes.

In my opinion it is a really fun show, even though it isn't that different from other isekai anime. Though at some point I thought that the only thing that kept the story going was how Naofumi was viewed as someone evil. So when his name got cleared, their only purpose was to endlessly fight the waves.
The other heroes were so dumb and useless, they didn't even fight in the last wave, it kind of made me mad.
Another thing I found kind of dumb was why did Glass and the other 2 heroes from the other world wanted to kill the 4 heroes and especially Naofumi. I didn't understand how would they save their world by killing him, when the waves were already there, before the heroes were summoned.
Furthermore, I really liked that they didn't really focus that much on the fanservice and I would like to keep it that way for the other seasons too.
Raphtalia is definitely best girl of the show, because firstly Filo can't compete, she's the best kid of the show and secondly the only other female character that could be considered best girl was Glass, but we didn't see much of her in this season.

Sound 3,5/5
The openings and the endings were all prertty catchy and fitting for an isekai, action anime.

Characters 3/5
Only Naofumi had a real character development. Raphtalia was your standars sad girl, who got "fixed" by the main guy and that made her fall in love with him. Filo was definitely a really cute kid, but not much to comment on, except that she's an angel.

Art 3,5/5
The art was definitely good and above average from many shows from this genre and there were also some nice fight scenes. I don't have any complaints about it, but the character design isn't something too impressive.