Nov 12, 2019
Animecyupcyake (All reviews)
This review contains spoilers!
This anime isn't bad, but it sure as hell isn't good either. It's okay, it's 52 episodes long. I was half way through the anime when I decided to check the ratings,saw how highly it was rated and I honestly wondered how.

Story: 3
The story follows 12 year old orphan Mitsuki who has cancer. She desperately wants to sing but unfortunately has throat cancer which makes this very difficult as well as painful. As a result of being sick Mitsuki is able to see and meet shinigami Meroko,Takato and later on Johnathan and izuimi. Mitsuki lives with her grandma who hates music for a ridiculous reason. Mitsuki made a promise to childhood friend,Eichi in the orphanage she stayed at before meeting her grandma, that she would become a singer and him an astronomer. Did I mention they're in love, sweet right?
Except Eichi is a pedophile! Yes that's right, the main love interest is a pedophile! He was 16, while Mitsuki was 10 when he told her he loved her. That's just wrong and to make matters worse no one points this out, Meroko just goes 'uwuh you're in love hooray!' And Takato is just a broody brat who whines about the fact that Mitsuki is singing for a guy she likes, which isn't a problem honestly but he complains about everything. It's also filled to the brim with cliches and is immensely predictable. And for whatever reason Mitsuki gets a magical girl transformation that takes a minute in an already too long show.

Art: 6
To be honest and fair I dont know a whole lot about how to judge animation but everything looked ok so I'll say it was fine.

Sound: 5
The music was alright, there was nothing outstanding and for 52 episodes they just used 2 songs so whatever.

Characters: 3
Mitsuki is 12 and as a result she acts like one, I.e. She gets upset when her school friends dont seem to be listening to full moon and forgives people fairly easily so we won't focus on her too much because well I don't have a problem with her. Ooshige and wakaouji are alright, they clearly care about mitsuki and aren't annoying so that's a pro I guess. The side characters are the usually cliches I.e. madoka who is the rival who ends up friends with full moon. We have some older singer woman who acts cold is secretly super nice! And other people who eh aren't of particular interest.
Meroko as I mentioned before only cares that mitsuki is in love because it won't get in the way of her and takato (spoiler alert: it does) and she does some questionable things as in the second episode she pretends to be eichi in the Hopes of keeping mitsuki away from takato which cemented her as a terrible character to me, after all being a manipulative little wench and playing with someone's feelings makes you a shitty being. Sure she decides to leave takato alone and root for him to get with mitsuki but that doesn't negate the bad thing she did. Takato is the basic tsundre character, he complains about everything but to be fair he helps mitsuki out when he can so he's not horrible. Finally Mitsuki's Grandma and jesus christ is this woman just the worst she's far more despicable than meroko and that's saying something. Her plot line is so dumb too. (Spoiler) music took away everything you love?! No, your attitude and the way you treat people is what pushes them away from you, except your fiance that wasn't your fault. However the way she treats mitsuki is just awful, close to the end after mitsuki finds out what happens to eichi she is sad and depressed and says she doesn't want to sing anymore and this woman celebrates! She doesn't comfort mitsuki or help her at all, she's just happy Mitsuki conforms to her world view!

Enjoyment: 5
Eh as I said above this anime is okay, I wouldn't recommend it but I wouldn't harshly discourage others from watching it. Although I did really enjoy watching episode 14 which was just a lot of fun focusing on a 'fish out of water' situation with mitsuki and a new character.

Overall and other:5
The ending is what you'll predict; a happy one. Everyone who's 'good' gets what they want and that's it. It was a ridiculous, fine experience that I'll only rewatch again for review purposes.