Nov 12, 2019
raniiko (All reviews)
Never in my life would I like a show like Zombieland Saga, let alone an idol show in general. This show takes the idol concept and parodied it with zombies and it results in a really fun show to watch. Whether you are staying for the story, songs, characters, or just a laugh-out-loud anime to enjoy, there's no denying that it really provides to the audience.

Story: 8
The story is fairly good for an idol show, to my surprise. It stars our main character, Sakura, that died a decade ago and gets reanimated as a zombie to become an idol by a pseudo Hououin Kyouma. This coupled with stories of how the other idols died, really shows the importance and the development of these various personalities from their deaths and their (current) idol career.

Art: 8
Despite the heavy use of CGI in the concert scenes, I'd still consider this anime of having quality animation for most of the series' duration. Plus, the CGI of the aforementioned scenes are not terrible, not in the slightest. The expressions and the flow of which the animations provide are very pleasing to watch.

Sound: 10
What can I say? The OP is the boppest shit since Jojo happened. To be honest, the songs on this show are really pleasing to listen to (except "To My Dearest", I will forever despise that shit till I die). The usage of SFX in this show is unique, to say the least, as it gives us a source of (some) comedic relief of which the animation cannot show, but to listen to. The voice actors also sounds like they are having WAYYYY too much fun delivering these lines.

Character: 9
Aside from the songs, this show is all about the characters. Unlike (a certain idol franchise), the length of each character's screentime are very generous as it explains each and every main character's past lives and how they died. In turn, their personalities gets carried onto the current time and they learn to adapt. The idols themselves are very distinct from one another and can be easily tell apart which is which. Also, Tae = Best Girl, fucking fight me Saki-ists.

Although it's a damn good show to watch, it still is a parody, no matter from what angle you watch it. Despite being a parody, I still enjoyed the shit outta this show and I highly recommend if they are sick of generic idol shows and wants to have a lil' spin onto uncharted territory for idol shows.