Nov 11, 2019
klugpuff (All reviews)
This anime is a good lesson for not buying a story that features elements you like despite the alarming bad use of them. A vampire setting in a shoujo anime is very appealing and Vampire Knight really manages to charm you into it. However, both seasons considered, the plot is overly secretive to the viewer and it constantly builds up to a tension that the resulting action can't match. I liked this first season, but I'm posting this overall reaview so you can be warned.

See, I'll always have a special spot in my heart for this anime, despite all its flaws, but I can't help but feeling that these characters were wasted (and the manga ending apparently was as bad as this one). The art isn't very elaborated, but it's pretty to watch. Concerning the story, second season leaves you longing for the first season when you still believed the anime could have a better development, which is both positive and negative.

It caught my heart, but then it threw it away. Therefore, I recommend you don't try it because there's a chance you'll like it like I did and it isn't worth it. Try a better quality material than this for your entertainment, you don't need awkward cheap incest and abrupt swifts in your plots. But yeah, despite all of this, I'll have fond memories of Vampire Knight.