Nov 11, 2019
As4shi (All reviews)
There is already a review explaining how they butchered the novel to make this... abomination... so i will skip that part. Everything said here is regarind the anime, the novel would receive a completely different (and way more positive) review.

Doesn't makes sense sometimes, is clearly rushed and doesn't develop properly.
The world feels "empty", there is little to no world building at all. They can't decide if the focus will be the comedy or the drama, and clearly they can't make a good balance either.
Btw they "managed" to fit 2 volumes from the novel in 6 episodes.

The animation is ok, for a (probably) low budget isekai. Character design is fairly good for the main characters and the ones that comes from the novel. The filler characters are.. questionable at best.

The OP and ED are probably the only good things we will ever see in this adaptation.

"Character development, you say ? This must be some kind of black magic shit, don't talk about it anymore!", is probably what was going on inside their heads while making the anime.

I guess this should receive 2 different scores.

From the perspective of someone who is currently reading the novels, i give this a 1/10. While the anime can certainly be enjoyable to some extent, knowing how much better it could have been just completely kills it for me.

I believe that it could get a 5/10 at least if i didn't read the novel, and just pass as a "regular isekai shit" like many others, needless to explain why.

Not worth your time, that is for sure. The comedy is awful, because the character building and other story related stuff is what makes it funny, but guess what ? THERE IS NONE OF IT. The serious part of the story feels awful in the anime too.

If you like the idea of 4 cute girls working as hunters and improving themselves over time, in a fairly interesting story with a dose of comedy, try reading the light novel, i would say it's worth it.