Nov 11, 2019
SweetBlossoms12 (All reviews)
Changed my review from 9 to 7. Derived from the episodes I've seen so far. I just had a feeling I exaggerated too much.

The boy's soft tennis club faces dissolution due to the lack of results and skill. Desperate for new members with athletic ability, Toma Shinjo leads a recruitment drive and come up empty. He approaches the transfer student Maki Katsuragi, but Maki declines not wanting to join any clubs. Toma follows Maki around not giving up on recruiting him and Maki agrees under the condition that he gets paid. Well, it is a sports anime. Expect flaws, the story overall is quite a cliche. Believing they would soon put on a twist. I further on have really nothing to say except for it is fine. Not unique or really exciting. It's your typical sports anime, oops I forgot it focuses on Drama. My bad, well, it really handles the dramas quite well. But too much abusive parents isn't surprising or dramatic anymore. Further information about the characters is within the Characters Section.

8Bit's art is quite too simple though cute. Even when the characters are serious in playing, I sometimes find it cute. Nothing really stands out. A bit wanky at some scenes. Though as for 2019, it lacks a feeling of improvement. It's um, bland at felt like flat. I'm really hoping they would soon improve.

The OP is beautiful, quite catchy. It really tells off that what you are watching is a sports anime, deriving from rackets. The ED serves as for me, a comedic role that I cant just skip but watch. The teamwork between the OST is fascinating. Great job.

Okay, at first I really liked the character's background stories. Which were seemingly different from each other. But as soon as the story progresses, you get a feeling "Tch. Another abusive parent's background story" like that. I was okay with a few people having abusive parents but don't overdo it. I felt like it was cliche. The originality really came down, I think the only different yet interesting one was Kaori's backstory. If you don't know what it is, it's about an argument between Kaori's grandmother and her mother fighting for a silly purpose. Which for me, I found realistic and original. My reaction when seeing another abusive parent was "Oh. Didn't see that coming. Tch." with a rather annoyed tone.

STORY - 7/10
ART - 6/10
SOUND - 8/10
OVERALL - 6.8/10

I am quite disappointed, I hope the future episodes fix the situation I'm feeling right now.