Nov 9, 2019
GriffithIsRight (All reviews)
I feel like I should write a review because I kept hearing that this arc was going to be really good but now I feel like the recommendations were biased from FGO players since I watched this as someone who only enjoyed the Fate Zero adaptation, and the FSN VN and adaptation and never touched FGO.

I guess this is an unpopular opinion but I really liked the cocky Gilgamesh from FZ so I was excited that he got his own anime, but was disappointed that this Gilgamesh is completely different. He still has hints of cockiness but it's definitely dialed back a ton, which I'm not a fan of.

The story is really weirdly paced, and also weirdly spread. I'm not sure how the FGO game works but the story feels like an adaptation of various quests in the game that partially complete themselves as the plot goes on, in addition to continuing from other quests that were already finished in the game. It's spread across a lot of different plot points which definitely feel like they all eventually reach the same place but as an anime-only it's really boring to watch everything progress at a snail's pace and only getting bits of each plotline.

The sound design was pretty good until they started showing off some of the more powerful moves in recent episodes, then they try using more impactful sound effects but it just turns into earrape which is really unpleasant to listen to.

Visuals are great, not Ufotable quality but still better than most anime I see. There's way too much fanservice though, it's really annoying having a fight scene focus so much on girls' butts, even if it is just for a few seconds each fight, it's definitely distracting and meant to pander to waifu enthusiasts despite being a bad angle for the camera to be at and taking away from the action of the fight.

Fanservice in general is kind of the problem I had with this show. I feel like it's way too moe compared to what I was expecting with FZ and FSN, and I'm probably missing or straight up disliking a lot of in-jokes with the FGO community. It's just that as someone who was expecting some serious plotline, it got annoying with all the fanservice, the turning point for me giving this show a chance to actively disliking it was one of the main antagonists just being an FSN side character in a onesie.

Maybe it is a good adaptation like everyone else says, IDK, but if you're coming in expecting a good show that stands on its own like FSN or Fate Zero, I think you'll be really disappointed. However it did kind of give me the same vibe as Apocrypha so if you enjoyed that I think you'd probably enjoy this show too.