Nov 9, 2019
vsingh1996 (All reviews)
Really wanted to like this one, but 3 episodes in and it isn't getting much better.

To start off with, it's a beautiful anime, I loved the art in some places and it was top notch everywhere. The character design is a bit too soft for my taste but the characters are distinct enough and consistent. The sound is also great.

The character development on the other hand is lagging. They mix a decent perception of realism with some absurd elements. For example it seems all the characters suffer some form of hardship, and I'm talking some cases of serious abuse, but then they channel all that emotional energy into... tennis club. I'm willing to make some concessions given its an anime, but still.

Its evident most of the club members are just in the club for fun, they're not all that invested in it, but then of course there's the Mary Sue who comes in and is excellent right off the bat, not only that, but the leaders of the club make it a point to let all the other club members know how pathetic they are. The vibe I'm getting from this anime is that the golden boy comes in, with a sad backstory, beats everyone up and mocks them. But then he learns their own sad stories and helps them so of course everyone starts to love him. They struggle as a team, then wins some competition.

It's just not how people work. It's weird the newcomer is so good, and it's doubly weird the club members are so accepting of the mockery, in all fairness I'd have just joined another club. They simply don't have believable character dynamics, they have very intense emotional arcs, but then everything is warped because they so badly want to insert the whole Mary Sue thing.

If you want a much better examination of athletes, watch Ping Pong The Animation, it does what this anime is trying to do but so much better.