Nov 9, 2019
cities516 (All reviews)
So far this anime is doing its job greatly. It step-by-step follows the original game's storyline and presents it with smooth animation, decent art and nostalgic music.

As an FGO game player, I sincerely know how this singularity is very outstanding, even when compared to the old Fate classics. But I'm afraid the anime may ruin it, like how the anime of Fate/Extra is being butchered. I'm glad they don't.

With 21 episodes, there is no doubt the story will not be scrammed. Not much detail is waived, so even anime-only watchers should (or eventually will) understand what's going on. What's better is that each episode has at least one dazzling fight scene to not let you fall asleep by the slow-paced plot. The experience is sublimed by its steady art style.

Currently, the only downside of this show will be the characters, as they are not fully comprehended now. Yes, including our not-beloved protagonist, Fujimaru Ritsuka. He works better as a cameraman than being an actor.

But anyway, whether you want to see some good-looking fights by CloverWorks, read one of the few good stories in this gacha game, or just want to have some Fate fan-service when you are having your supper, this anime is worth a try.