Nov 9, 2019
Superns18 (All reviews)
Simply put, Babylonia is an amazing experience. The Fate series often turns newcomers off because they get confused about the watching order of the series. Much of this is blown out of proportion as the series is pretty straightforward. But, there’s definitely no need to worry this time around as all of the FGO episodes are stand alone. There are references to the other parts and some lore, but it won’t really impact your experience if you don’t play the game. I do encourage you to Watch episode 0 and potentially the first order OVA as well, though.

Now that the backstory is out the way. Babylonia follows Mash and her master Fujimaru “senpai” on their quest to retrieve the holy grail from ancient Babylonia and everyone’s favourite blonde haired king, Gilgamesh. This has to be done in order to save the future of humanity. The anime has been absolutely amazing so far. Production values are similar to a proper anime film. The fights, art, animation and environments are all absolutely beautiful. The colours are vibrant and very much alive. The sound effects are absolutely awesome. The OP and ED are bangers. The writing and script feel very real and believable. Plenty of action and slice of life moments as we’ve come to expect from Fate.

This is a great fantasy show for lovers of Fate and newcomers alike. I can’t recommend watching it enough.