Nov 9, 2019
Superns18 (All reviews)

SAO is a series that for some reason, a loud minority of westerners love to hate on despite it being one of the most successful media franchises in Japan(where it matters). Alicization as an arc, particularly the second half (war of underworld) fixes a lot of the issues that loud minority have with the series and with the story.

Alicization War of Underworld is by far the best installation of SAO to date. There was never any doubt in my mind that it would be, having read the LN. After the events of the end of Alicization, Kirito is left incapacitated and in the care of Best Waifu, Alice. Alice is conflicted with her duty as a knight to protect the kingdom and fight against the dark empire and between her feelings as a woman to stay with Kirito.

This installation gives us Alice as the protagonist and my God is it amazing to see her personal development and character growth from when she first appeared. A-1 have truly done an amazing job of adapting the story and in my opinion, it may be the best LN adaption of all time in terms of faithfulness, right now at least. The art is gorgeous, I'm talking Unlimited Budget Works gorgeous, the music, fights, OP/ED etc are all top tier. I can not recommend watching this enough, even if you hate SAO. Please, just go in with an open mind and try it out.