Nov 9, 2019
MisakiManjoume (All reviews)
it's a shame it is not as popular as it deserves to be. Through my long journey with anime and manga, I've stumbled across many so-called "ecchi" series, and yet all I saw was a bland fanservice only growing up kid would laugh at. My disappointment was broken though when I decided to watch this. It was probably one of very few series that I laughed out loud thanks to. I finally felt like I was watching an ecchi that has actual jokes in them. Combined with a simplicity of the plot and more moe-like look of the characters (yet not looking like absolute children which would gross me out in an ecchi to no end) gives its viewers something so light-hearted that is enough to light up your day and restore some energy when you really need it. It's not the peak of art and form, but I think it's still worth watching considering how little it takes for it to make someone smile with its own nonsense.