Nov 9, 2019
A-leena-san (All reviews)
Miira no Kaikata starts off very questionably I'd say. After making his aunt a nightly snack, our main protagonist, the laundry boy Kashiwagi receives a package and thrown off by the fact that all the packages from his dad were and most likely will be scary to the point where he'll be questioning whether or not to open them, he decides to just stay still while the most adorable thing walks out of it -

From then on the anime is very wholesome and continues to be like it for the rest of the series. It has some very 'moe' moments and it's great.

Story; 8/10

Nothing is really going on in the first few episodes, MC and his childhood friend get their partners, MC accepts Mii-kun with open arms but the other one is a bit reluctant about it. They meet some friends and whatnot, they meet up and hang out. Overall the story isn't that much important, the real matter of importance is the humor and the glorious cute moments this show has. It's also fast-paced which is a plus for me.

Characters; 8/10

Not much is explored but the friendship between our MC and his childhood friend Tazuki deepens throughout various episodes. The other two, Asa and Taichi are there just because, but it's okay because the anime makes up for it, in a way that makes you look at them in a whole different light. It includes them in various moments that would've been impossible to achieve without them. The side characters receive a bit of development too. So overall, some of the characters develop, some don't, it's average, but considering this wasn't the main point of the show, I enjoyed it a lot.

Art; 9/10

I can't possibly explain how much I love this art style in anime. It makes the characters look cute and possibly more friendly then they could be. Transitions between images looked smooth as well.

Sound; 7/10

I didn't really notice the sound as much as, let's say the OP. The opening of the series is great, upbeat just like some of the episodes and fits the series completely.

Enjoyment & Overall; 9/10

I really liked this show as I said before, although it's a shame that it didn't receive any popularity ever since it began. Moe shows like this should be celebrated in my opinion. If you like cute, wholesome anime then I recommend you watch it.