Nov 9, 2019
Maoru (All reviews)
SWORD. ART. ONLINE. An anime with such an infamous reputation that it's impossible to not know the show or to not have an opinion about it. Here is my opinion, and many of you who are reading this review will agree. WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS.

STORY: ?/10
Honestly, SAO had a great potential that was later in the series rejected. From a quite dramatic and intense game-type anime it became a horrendously bad harem/comedy thingie which looks more like an amateur "love story" than an actual anime about death in game = death in real life. As I said before, the anime centers around (WELL, IT USED TO)the idea of in-game death being real life death because of the new VR sensation of 2022. The anime becomes very interesting at the point its supposed theme was revealed, but as soon as the series began to devolve in the harem trash it's now SAO became almost unwatchable, continuing with only a little spark of hope until the 2nd season. And oh boy was I a fool.

Art & sound: 8~9/10
Although the series itself is pure trash, its artstyle and music are REALLY good. Still, they don't help ranking it higher.

Character: 1/10
Ok. Ok. Because it becomes a filthy harem, the protagonist must have the traits of 100% of all harem protagonists: boring, stupid, with no personality, perverted (not obligatory) and has no idea why he exists. Well, guess what? Our boy, Kirigaya Kazuto (also known as Kirito in the VR enviroinment) checks all of these characteristics! And of course the girls must have no character of all (except the main one, which is the tsundere, her only personality)) and must exist only to satisfy the protagonist and serve as fanservice. Guess what? Asuna, Keiko, Suguha, Yui, and Rika fit in well, with Asuna as the head of the harem infantry! tl;dr: awfully generic characters.

Enjoyment: 3/10
I watched this anime back when I was a newbie in the anime world, this being my second anime ever and not knowing the notion of harem or ecchi. I really enjoyed the first part, but the second part was quite weird. After a revisit when I was way more experienced I asked myself "why did I watch this crap? and it had such a great premise at first!". Everything was looking alright until Kirito met more than 2 girls. Then it ended: the bad SAO it wasn't meant to become has begun. And so my hope was vanished.

Overall: a solid 2/10
Watching this anime is a big no-no, unless you're a harem lover or a newbie. It's alright if you like it as a newcomer (like I was back in the day). Still, this series is REALLY bad. That's it. Thanks for reading, I guess.