Nov 9, 2019
Nanbaka (Anime) add (All reviews)
Hirotara (All reviews)
Let me start off with this statement: This anime is quite literally one of THE most under-rated ones I've watched, it clearly does not get enough praise as it should have in my opinion.

The plot-line initially starts off as a comedic, non-serious, over-the-top anime series that's lighthearted and is simple overall. But what I didn't expect was how it so easily shifted from a comedic standpoint to a full-on serious, shounen-esk type of genre with actual high stakes without much effort. Not to mention, the serious story plot-points are actually really good in my opinion and it has a rather unique level of backstory for each character and even has a few wholesome moments in them too.

Character development is clearly there in terms for the protagonist and also the supporting cast. Like Rock for example, he was able to make amends with someone who's deemed to be his enemy/rival just by conveying his love for food and how it's changed him as a man. You don't get that type of wholesome moment in most anime nowadays.

I simply can't praise this anime enough, not once did I ever feel bored after episodes: 3 - 13. If you have not watched this anime then I highly recommend it.

TL;DR Nanbaka is an anime where it's about hardship and bonds built in a society that's known to be brutal and with sprinkles of wholesome moments and quite a bit of serious moments and questioning of one's self-motives and aspirations.

Again, I must say that I highly recommend this anime.