Nov 9, 2019
DavidCardenas99 (All reviews)
This anime takes place in a nearby future and it`s a group of cute girls living their high school experience kind of show. What differences this series of others of its kind is its focus in school (not in school`s events but in the school as an institution and how characters deal with it) and time set up which as mentioned previously is placed in a future where highschool is not mandatory and a much less popular option than now.
One of the things I found more interesting about this show is its view of the world in a slightly distopic way. Aestheticaly talking this shows in the color palette the series uses which is at least interesting and likely to catch your attention as it`s not what you expect of a distopic show. I personally liked it a lot.
One of the most appealing aspects of this kind of shows is the cast of girls, in this case we have a group of girls similar to the k-on`s one, where they all have an in interest in common (being this interest the student`s council and the correct function of the school experience). It`s also similar on how the characters develop, being this aspect reduced to only to the relation the girls have between eachother and with the school. You won´t find love or family drama, the struggles the characters face in this anime are ones such as: finding what to do with their life after school, over coming a school trauma...
This series also comments about the nature of highschool which may resonate with you at a personal level if you disliked or didn't fit very well in the highschool system.
I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who likes the school genre and it`s looking for something more meta or slightly different