Nov 9, 2019
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
goldknight151 (All reviews)
Clannad manages to take viewers through tearful moments while also maintaining an overall light-hearted atmosphere. The show starts off with a cynical tone, as we listen to Okazaki's monologue filled with resentment, but any remaining bitterness quickly vanishes as the scene switches to him walking to school alongside sakura trees, accompanied with carefree music in the background. He notices a girl murmuring to herself, trying to work up the courage to go to school. The instant he breaks into her conversation, the scene climaxes through the music and the sakura leaves, portraying an auspicious fateful encounter for new beginnings.

It might sound strange for Clannad to be able to be both touching and carefree. Following a character-arc based formula, it is able to bring out different aspects of each character, ranging from humorous to serious. With that, it is able to package together very enjoyable humorous and heartbreaking moments.