Nov 9, 2019
Bread_lover_666 (All reviews)
Anohana was one of those anime where you had to pay extra attention to everything or else nothing would make sense but that's just my opinion. I'll make this review short and sweet.

Story: 9
I find it interesting and a good mashup of romance, drama, and coming-of-age. I wish the writers dug deeper into the idea of ghosts. It would have been cute if Jintan's mom had at least one scene as a ghost or something like that. But the story was still creative and a good way to make your audience cry.

Art: 8
Anohana's animation is nice for the time it came out and I'm impressed. The opening is very aesthetically pleasing.

Sound: 8
I like the ending but didn't like the opening music. Menma's voice actress was very talented.

Character: 10
This was the true highlight of the show. The complex relationships and the interesting dynamic between the Super Peace Busters were realistic for the situation they were put in but at the same time unique. I managed to connect to characters I've known for only 11 episodes.

Enjoyment: 5
The show's pacing was a bit too fast for me to keep up with and if the show was a bit slower, 15 episodes or so, I think I would have liked this anime a bit more.

Overall: Subjectively 8 and Objectively 10
From a critic's standpoint, Anohana was a great character study and shows that there is no such thing as a bad person, just misunderstood. It wasn't my type of show but I'm sure others would enjoy.
Recommend to: early teens