Nov 9, 2019
Sidketsu (All reviews)
Cowboy Bebop is the least anime-like anime I've ever seen, aside from its animation, almost nothing in it feels like an anime. It feels more like a very very good american-made movie just in the form of an anime.

But yet at the same time, if it hadn't been an anime, it wouldn't have been anywhere as good as it is. Its art style and animation still look gorgeous even today, and they truly bring the world to life.

And that is one of Bebop's biggest strengths. Its atmosphere is presented beautifully, it just instantly immerses you into its world so flawlessly, and makes you feel apart of it. This is further dome with its soundtrack.

Im not too into Jazz, but Bebop's soundtrack is probably my favourite soundtrack in anime next to FLCL, its variety of jazz, and sometimes even blues/rock music brings the tone and atmosphere to live even further, and every single scene in the show the music manages to nail this out of the park.

Bebop is also episodic, meaning a different story every episode with a few here and there progressing the overall story. I wasnt a fan of this initially, but bebop does it so well i enjoyed it, and it gave the episodes a nice diversity, ranging from funny, to intense, to slow and emotional to haunting and chilling. It also manages to wrap it all up in a conclusion that is heartbreaking, but one that couldn't be more perfect.

But the real heart of bebop is its characters. Each of the main four characters is deep in their own right and the show wouldn't work without a single one of them, thanks to their highly entertaining dynamic.

The thing is about these characters, is that they aren't characters that start off a certain way and eventually grow and develop as the series go on. Instead they're characters who already have grown and developed, but their past that made them that way is slowly revealed over time, till they each eventually reach their beautiful conclusions.

This strong set of characters is aided by the spot-on English cast, who each bring their character to life to the fullest extent. The English Dub for Cowboy Bebop is often considered one of the best anime dubs of all time, and it's hard to disagree. While the original Japanese version is certainly passable, the dub feels far more natural and communicates the emotions much more effectively, and I feel is the definitive version to watch this series in, especially with Steven Blum as Spike Spiegel being one of the best voice acting performances I've heard in anything, let alone an anime.

Immersive art style, mesmerizing atmosphere, perfect soundtrack, and tragic and deep characters, Cowboy Bebop is an excellent classic anime series thats worth a watch at least once. The only flaws i had were that there were some episodes which I really didn't like, and this isn't exactly a flaw but it wasn't amazingly mind-blowing or life changing like my top 5 anime, so it's not enough for me to give it a 10. But still I enjoyed it immensely and would consider one of my favorites. And I'm giving this one a decent to strong 9/10