Nov 9, 2019
TanjiroTheGoat (All reviews)
Look I'll be honest. I'm not particularly big on art style and direction. I'm usually more impressed by strong writing, character development and overall themes.
But my word if this isnt the most beautifully animated series I've seen. And I'm not simply talking about the eye-gasmic fight scenes which stands up to anything we've seen but even normal shots of every episode. Sometimes the dialogue takes a step back so we can fully appreciate the spectacle.

In terms of the story, its nothing truly original, deep or revolutionary. (You're too busy being wowed by the animation!) Like people often say, its taking shounen tropes and refining it to the fullest. Characters haven't received a whole lot of development to be honest but most of them atleast hint at having interesting backstories. Tanjiro might not be incredibly complex but he's immediately established very likeable, caring for Nezuko and kind-hearted.

Some use this as a slight against him. I disagree. Not every protagonist needs to be "transformed" especially not within 1 season. Neither do they have to start off as a snivelling coward who "grows over time into a hero" . He rarely gets on ones nerves for the sake of some cheap fanservice or comedic relief. Immediately plus for me. Also its clearly demonstrated that he's not OP (as of yet anyway) so the viewer remains vested in following his growth. Not to mention his standout trait of empathy for humans and demons alike - yet doesnt fall prey to the idealistic rules of not killing. He does what needs to be done.

Nezuko is adorable and I love her dynamic with Tanjiro. Inosuke starts off a bit over the top but actually gradually becomes endearing. Zenitsu is the crybaby coward who doesnt even realise his own strength so he gets a bit tiresome after a while but I suppose the comic relief element might be for the younger viewers.

Overall, I felt that it started off well if not spectacular, but steadily built up a head of steam as the world building and introduction of more characters picked ended off with great expectations for future adaptations. Can't wait for more!