Nov 9, 2019
LacrimaMosa666 (All reviews)
45 hours, 109 episodes, non stop. What a great journey it was!

That's pretty tough piece to review, not only bacause of it's age, but as well it's the very first mahou shoujo anime out there. Mother to the whole genre. And it's full of it's flaws and downs.

The story is very generic, from the beginning till the very end. Everything's about Sally, the witch girl out of space that end up on earth with people of the same age and mentality as her. After some time she decides to stay and pretend that she's human and make some friends with the other girls. Then she began to discover all the good and bad parts of living as well that magic and fun are not the mmost important things. It's a kid story and mainly for kids up to age of 8 maybe 10. The storybuild and writing, however, is over the average even with today's standards and overall deserves some praising.

Well, for 53 years old anime the art is pretty decent. The moves are smooth, background old-stylish with very static animations but looking amazing. The locations like castle, some of the outside world parks and nature is just amazing. First 18 episodes, however, are in black and white only, at least on version I watched, from ep.19 there's beautifully hand-colored world full of magic, beautiful character designs and most important - the quality is outstanding and during whole show there's not much animation flaws that I can talk about. Been enjoying it very, very much, what is a big suprise, as often I doscovered that art became THE most important thing in anime for me.

It's after all 53 years old anime. But starting from beginning, the opening song is amazing, I can actually sing it now from memory and it's just lovely and sweet as the whole prosuction. The voice acting is decent but quality of sound is the weakest part of the anime. Sometimes was pretty hard to understand dialogues and what was really common - the music was much too loud. Like a lot. But that's common as well in old productions and I'm already used to it, so after few wpisodes I just stopped caring about that and enjoyed production.

That's on the other hand the strongest part of the anime, the character development is more than decent, reliable and writing of each of them is just oldy stylish, what's mean - aythors put a lot of effort to create characters that we can identify with, especially for the kids.
The main character will be amongst the lovliest characters I ever seen on the screen, sweet, smart and very funny girs, that teaches through the humour as well as gives some smart and quite useful advices. Similar thing will be going to her on-screen friends and as perfect follow-ups for the Sally and basically are responsible for this sweet climate of the whole production.

Hell yeah, what a journey it was. Even I can't believe it yet how much fun and joy I had, the 25+ guy I need to add. Been laughing much more that average, smile was constantly visible all over my face and, actually, I got used to the characters and the story and by the end of the show I was quite sad it's going to an end. Great episode planning, that even if half of those were basically the same it doesn't kill the magic of it and I haven't feel bored for even a second of the screening. Of course, it's generic, but in the best meaning of this word. And bloody hell, it's kids story about the witch that learns the world is not only to show up but it's based on love, frienship and enjoyment. The hella of the anime for small children, isn't it?

Been fighting myself about the rating for a while but finally ended up with the higher one. The most important thing about this choice was, obviously, it's age and knowing few productions from the time it was exceptionally great and back in the days probably would deserve the max score. Of course, it's failing the test of time after all and only the biggest maniacs will even consider spending their time with this title, but nothing will change the thing - this world will completely take you and will remind u how was the childhood nice and innocent. That's the biggest compilment I can give to anime like that.
And bloody hell, it's the mother of the whole mahou shoujo genre, the first one on screen, now I can even see how much impact it had on some of my favourite mahou shoujo animes that I didn't see before or even been thinking that it was something new for the title. But not anymore.
Obviously it's the thing that started it all and only for that it deserves to be remembered and praised. Especially it's available online to watch.

Having less than 600 people that rated it it's just a disgrace for mal environment. Come on guys, go for it, it's the piece of real history, soon no one will remember it and mediocre articles like
'First Anime Series of Every Genre (Well, 10 of Them Anyway)' will be only reminding of those titles.

What an amazing journey was that, really. Nothing to regret, even I'm tired as hell after watching it all at once.