Nov 9, 2019
Eoussama (All reviews)
Probably the selling point of One Piece is its amazing ability to blend and adapt easily with whatever genre you try to turn it in. The characters have always been diverse, appealing, and interactive with their rolls, you know the usual drill, a bunch of pirates sailing for wining the Pirate King's crown, fair enough, but another day, they might undertake Marine clothing, and be well integrated with the very opposing force they have, get abducted by a ghost ship and in return act like mindless zombies, no one will question them. If that it's how easy it is, have them part-take into a theater, the play doesn't even need a proper script to be interesting, just have them there, pushing off the common trap of mocking their 3 walled reality. That was the drill in this special episode.

Taking advantage of this easy integration gift, The Straw Hats take different roles in a theater, each fighting for the spotlight on the stage, making for some very oddly cursed scenes, like Robin hyper-energetically pulling off a ballerina dance in front of everyone with unmatched agility, shocking even her crew members, while Luffy under-takes a roll of an acrobatic monkey, how fitting. That is, for the first half until they were taken as pirates, and then it pulls back to the average drill. Label them as scummy pirates, trashed them out of the theater and stand there while (mostlyà Luffy singlehandedly changes their view of “All pirates are bad”.