Nov 9, 2019
bullitbaby (All reviews)
Hey folks bullitbaby here with hopefully another REAL WORLD breakdown.

First off, I REALLY liked this vintage 1998-1994 OVAs. Each episode roughly year apart and I come at it from a VERY different PLACE. So did the writer director which is refreshing. Imho

Other reviews proclaim continuity issues, the xcess pointless nudity, unusual nonsensical character development. But each episode is a FULL YEAR apart. Your NOT gonna get standard series style character developement under these conditions. TO PRETEND SO IS SILLY.

So right off the bat just get yourself OUTa of the 12-24 episode series character developemnt. I believe we are meant to understand this.

Now for EXCESS NUDITY I gotta tell ya there's A LOT! MAJOR AMOUNTS. But it's not pornographic in nature to me. Here's why. There are 100s of samples of cultures fighting naked covering their bodies in WARPAINT TO SCARE THE OPPONENT.

THE anime of late has SOOOO MANY tropes in it of the UNBEARABLE shyness of touching, and any boy that likes boobs, panties, etc is hentai pervert over and over ad nauseum thru the whole show. Whoever decided this makes ANY sense to true human nature was mentaly broken. I DESPISE this part of anime and there's NONE of it here thank the gods.

I believe in the 108 dragons they received EXTRAOREINARILY GORGEOUS FULL BODY TATOOS IMHO that was the dragons warpqint And it IS beautiful honestly. I loved this aspect. Lon Tayans dragon, mother Lus full body tiger tattoo and LU chinran front and back tiger calling to the dragon is simply marvelous. A snake and Phoenix appear later as well and I wish they'd used episode 1 detailish design in episode 5-6, especially the Phoenix.

The ONLY mortal sin in this tattooed warrior design....aBayasan should have a moon bear tatoo covering her giant body. The moon bear was the single largest animal occupying the highland regions of Japan. The bear also represents the guardian mountain spirit Yama no kami and is both a fierce protector but benevolent. I think this would have fit her perfectly. Imho.
For more on the moon bear significance read this essay...fascinating.

Also in many socities, people are initiated naked to secret societies do show they have thrown away theirmpasr selves. So APPRECIATE the truly PRIMAL NQTURE of the naked scenes and don't view it as porn or bloody fanservice. It's not meant to be.

Also contrary to societal norms, there are many many open relationships where two people love each other deeply but switch partners now and then to sprce things up. Hard to digest for some but it's everywhere you don't look. I have many friends like this and they are more happily married than half the other monogamous ones honestly.

And finally, mafia world is flooded with sex. Hell it's prolly half their revenue. These stories wouldn't be nearly as authentic without it. Imagine Elfen lied without nudity and pure gore. Daughters of mneumosin REN without nudity and Gore. Neither can I imagine Freeman without the nudity and sex and gore.

So I believe we are to see this nudity and sexual Scenes from these perspectives. Also Lon Tyan crying freeman in later series as the leader of the 108'must tackle a TRULY life threatening undercover infiltration to an evil 2nd group to avenge dark eyes. To do this he must have a LOT of sex with another woman. This isn't betrayal but his job as the leader take it or leave it. This also happens in modern day ALL THE TIME But clearly noone told some reviews. You DO YOUR JOB if it involves sex so be it. That in no way means it involves love.

So overall, I found the erotic stuff tasteful and necessary, the TATOOS AMAZING. The TATOOS took an animation hit in episode 4 and weren't as amazing on Lu Chinran but recover somewhat in 5-6. overall as yearly OVAs they had continuity and we're very enjoyable.

Frankly they stand out as very unique, lacking all normal conventions of today's anime which is a good thing.

I also found the GIANT sister BAYASAN to be some comic relief here and there and a great support character to the general storyline.

So I say watch it, relax about the nudity. It's cultural, NO fanservice or hentai. It's none of those things. I honestly wish there were more or a reboot would come along. Same visceral sex, nudity, violence but in episodic.

9 overall.
Thanks for reading, hope u enjoy them as I did.