Nov 9, 2019
Qzhuo (All reviews)
3/10 You can probably endure through it, but overall it's a waste of time.

Let's set something straight. Originality is not just mocking a common trope or cliche, but also the ability to disguise it and present it as a work that stands on its own. If you're content with the common female character tropes that have been going along for quite a long time now, then this show will be just fine. If you're looking for some fanservice or cute girls to look at, then this show will be just fine. In my opinion, when this show presented itself as a jab to cookie cutter romcom tropes, it raised my expectations. Unfortunately, my hopes were shattered, swept up, and poured into a dumpster fire that is this Oresuki as I fight the urge to visit my home therapist Clorox for a cleansing of my eyes and ears.

Story (2): Guy in high school tries to "manipulate" his life to set up a typical romcom scenario. Okay, seems cool. However, I've seen kiddie pools with more depth and less shit in them than the writing and dialogue of this show. The thing is though, the main plot of the show isn't really about the protagonist being clever or attempting to make things go his way. It's simply the type of romcom that tries very hard to mock, with your stale perpetual self cock-blocking main character in a powerless situation of a bunch of hollow cookie-cutter girls fighting over him. Imagine a girl becoming attracted to a guy because the guy is a good friend to *others*. Sorry, John Green, but we've got a better tear-jerker than The Fault in Our Stars. This story will make you cry when you realize that a studio decided that this was the one and invested a million or two into airing this show.

Art (6): The saving grace of this show is the artwork. Nothing special, but nothing to be impressed about either. Again, if you're into fanservice then you'll appreciate it much more than I will.

Sound (2): I do not know why but something about the characters' voices get to me. It feels like I'm listening to a kindergarten teacher as it lacks any subtlety or sense of naturalness to it.

Character (1): The protagonist is spineless. The side characters are bland and have the social awareness comparable to the baked potato I had for dinner tonight, difference being the potato actually had flavor to it.

Enjoyment (2): Overall, this show was incredibly difficult to watch. It has no sense of direction other than "basic romcoms haha, amirite?" I would say if you want to watch actual progression in a somewhat realistic scenario, avoid this at all costs.