Nov 9, 2019
Capeta (Anime) add (All reviews)
OtakuWatcher (All reviews)
10/10 I have watched all 52 episodes at least 5 times, this show is the best, no cliche's no harems, no girl shit, just full on action and drama. This is by far the best anime compared to a lot of shows nowadays that are ruined by fan service and annoying girly voices.

The story is one of a kind, never found anywhere else and can be called a masterpiece. The art is also a masterpiece, in its era and even nowadays i find that art to be by far better then nowadays anime art.

Sound is extraordinary very nicely composed to go with the action and the drama.

Characters have their own uniqueness and background story/goals and are not treated as side characters.

I wish there is a second season but unfortunately its really under rated and it will take a studio courage to bet on it since all of them only care about $ even if they have to animate trash manga which we see a lot.

I well probably go on now to read the manga, but i do hope a second season comes in next generation, just like hunter x hunter who got re-adapted 12 years later or like cooking master which just got adapted again after 20 years, Capeta still has a chance of a second season as long as we support it!

I truly enjoyed this anime and would rate it 100/10 if i could, do give it a go, you well never be disappointed, i am sure tears well roll throughout this masterpiece adventure.