Nov 9, 2019
Yun1ck (All reviews)
Overall, it is mediocre. The story of how little things could make a huge impact on someone, which again is beautiful, but not even imaginative. The only commendable thing here is that "age-is-no-barrier", yet remaining the ethics of a sane person.

Most of its script was dependent on the character's thoughts, which sadly, broke the "show-don't tell" rule. Love is unpredictable, but if the confession has no backstory, then it's not worth feeling it.

Background is believable, offering serenity and peace. However, failure after failure, the artwork on the characters are dreadfully simple. The sound puts a light atmosphere, and piano pieces are in play. The character development was stagnant, maybe due to the cruel normalcy the story delivers.

Final scene was the climax, and yet the statements in it are true, most of them have no to little backstory, due to the time constrict. However, the post-credit was solid, a potential opening scene for a sequel, and would have been better if those innate thoughts of the characters weren't included.