Nov 8, 2019
NoireBlanc (All reviews)
"Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Hello World, to me, is a conceptual masterpiece that questions the world's imminent jumps in development.

Story: (7/10)

Conceptually, the plot for the movie was without a doubt, on-par with, or even above-average in comparison to Tomohiko's previous creations. As a big fan on science and futuristic fiction in both Japanese and Western theatres, the overall storyboard was hooking and had me on-board throughout the show.

However, possibly due to the time margins movies are, some areas were somewhat underdeveloped and had a disequilibrium of the movie's two prominent elements, and many unanswered questions It was increasing confusing as the movie progressed and it took more and more afterthought to understand the story as it reached it's conclusion. In my opinion, too much information was spread to the audience in such a short span of time. Even after the movie, it was really difficult to process the movie as a whole and turned out to be really overwhelming. The terminologies used in the show could also be a potential root to the puzzlement as the audience had been rapidly introduced with terms like "Quantum" and "Limitless exponential increase", so on.

Also adding that honestly, the plot twist was pretty foreseeable.

Art + Animation: (10/10)

In all honesty, I was definitely skeptical the moment I saw the usage of full CGI in the trailer and the introduction of the film. I was scared that the end result of the film would be a handful of lacklustre, unexciting fight/romance scenes when I watched the first 15 minutes. But with the introduction of the future MC, boy I was wrong. REALLY wrong.

Now, discussing about animations that utilise a vast amount of bright, flashy, vibrant colours can be VERY subjective. Some may find it annoying and a pain to your pupils, but others, like me, may think that the usage of flying particles and the crystallisation of the environment actually builds for an enriching experience. The animation during the bicycle chase scene in the later part, especially was MESMERISING. I loved the smooth flow of everything that happened, and really thought that such animation was a big part of why I liked the movie so much.

Sound: (9/10)

Not going to shed much focus here as my musical prowess is generally weak. However as a general member of the audience I can list a few good pointers.

1. Very solid soundtrack. Definitely synchronises with the mood of the movie.

2. The SFX during intense scenes were also pivotal to the scene's atmosphere. SFX used in a good way, can really enhance the viewing experience.

Character: (9/10)

Once again, after seeing the general tropes in anime being displayed at the introduction of the anime's cast, I was afraid of the anime turning too generic.

However, throughout the movie, particularly at the later stages, a LOT of important developments were made, and I would say was ample to at least grant the audience sufficient understanding of the characters' dilemmas. I really loved the development of Naomi, the male MC. It was really wholesome between the current and future personalities of him and allowed for many short gags to exist.

The relationship between Ruri, the female MC and Naomi was also very heartwarming. Knowing that this very connection is what drives Naomi's desire and emotion was also important to the development of Naomi, which actually depicted the themes of personality change and growth really well.

Overall: (9/10)

Like every other drama anime, it takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. The climax at the end really draws out sadness and shows how much love can factor into one's decisions.

The implementation of the final scene however, was extremely clever in my opinion, and was the zenith of the anime's conceptual creativity, and really does make you, as the audience reflect back, making this film all the more memorable.

SF and romance are two of my favourite genres and the movie, conveniently, is a good mix of both! I thought it turned out rather interesting and enjoyable, and was DEFINITELY worth the time and money.