Nov 8, 2019
Nicholaevich (All reviews)
Garakuta-doori no Stain is about an unlikable and boring homeless man who somehow has a home despite being the most obvious homeless man on the planet who lives in an alley populated by whatever random crap you can think of. As expected of a Funimation production.

The plot is fairly simple, Mr. Stain finds the thing the episode is named after and shenanigans ensue. Actually I lied, shenanigans don’t even bother ensuing. It’s more along the lines of extreme boredom ensues. How you manage make a world as quirky as this so gut-wrenchingly unfun is a job for a team of scientists.

Sometimes the show makes you try to feel sad because Mr. Stain is feeling sad because boohoo he can’t have a relationship with a painting (I’d like to say this is a jab at waifuism, but who knows.) or boohoo he likes that girl in the other building but she’s out of his league. Don’t even get me started on how creepy the flower episode gets. Obviously I never feel sad because Stain is a completely unsympathetic loser who doesn’t deserve his giant cat friend (the best character in the show) or his homeless-man house. The only decent episode is 13, only because of how out of left field it is.

If you need a sleep aid ala Aria or Hidamari Sketch except devoid of any artistry, check out Mr. Stain. This is easily the worst thing Masuda Ryuuji has ever done and proof that western companies shouldn’t involve themselves in the production of anime. Unless it’s Big O.