Nov 8, 2019
Babylon (Anime) add (All reviews)
TransparentNinja (All reviews)
Basically, it's about justice boy trying to stop a girl who can "talk to people and convince them to kill themselves within 60 seconds no matter who they are, man or woman" while also being a prostitute?

It's just too far fetched, by episode 5 we have large groups of people committing suicide because she apparently talked to them for a few seconds, so they all magically agree to jump off of a building in one big group.

It's too unrealistic of a premise for me. I know it's an anime where anything can happen, but for anything to happen it would be nice if it actually made sense within the anime world's logic. It's not like they wrote this girl to have mind control powers or anything, she's just a normal prostitute lady doing unrealistic things within the world they've written.

And they keep abusing the die mechanic that shakespeare was so known for abusing. They kill off random characters and seemingly random times just to try to make the audience "feel" something.