Nov 3, 2019
RookieQueenOtaku (All reviews)
I loved Alice and Wonderland since I was a kid, because getting lost in a world of fantasy is something I love to do. By chance I got hold of the manga when a library was giving away books. I fell in love with it right away. The personified characters were amazing, and the twists and changes and more realistic spin-off right away hooked me. When I found out there was a movie for this, I was really excited. However, the movie was rather dissapointing compared to the manga. Their is pretty much zero plot and it jumps scenes without any explanation and left me at many moments completely confused. The characters didn't really have much personality to them, they barely gave them anytime. Characters like Elliot March, Peter White, Boris (the Cheshire Cat) and even Alice herself don't get much characters explanation or background. Alice gets some time in the movie but the others really don't. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (who are not really main characters) get more screen time than Peter White, who plays an incredibly large role in the story. There was also one scene that focused on two other characters other than the main character, and nothing was explained. There was no backstory dialouge whatsoever, you were left to piece the story together yourself.
Overall, this movie had some major flaws, but since I'm a very easily entertained person I'd give it about a 5. I think I'm just biased because I love Alice in Wonderland and the personifcations just have me hooked.