Nov 1, 2019
Leosmileyface (All reviews)

I'm going to start this with, if you think this is just a wish-fulfillment furry anime, please either watch this and guide yourself to a new opinion or get out, it's not.

Studio Orange, most well known for the fantastic 'Houseki no Kuni', has come back to give us their blessing yet again, adapting a very well-received manga and adapting it wonderfully.

Beastars is put simply, many different species of anthropomorphic animals coexisting with each other, set in a high-school where you are instantly greeted with the society inside of Beastars, the hardships of reality you could say. The narrative is built into many different categories, it's a complex show full of tight social dynamics, interesting character-interactions and ultimately, the reality of this world.

As you'd expect of a show about animals, one of the most prominent themes is the difference between carnivores and herbivores, the show combats this in an excellent way of showing each side's struggles with no 'good guy, bad guy' like you will see in most shounen. Carnivores aren't allowed to eat the food they desire and their natural instincts could release at any time, Heribovesare are seen as weaker and live in constant fear of the Carnivores and their rage for food. You will see a whole lot of discrimination, jealousy, identity crisis etc. This all corresponds to the themes that the show portrays.

There is quite a large and diverse cast to chew onto, multiple personalities and animal traits but there are three key characters: Legosi is the main character and you are mostly shown his perspective, he is a quiet and sensitive gray wolf trying to overcome his nature. The other two are Louis the deer, an egotistical perfect student, he is aiming to achieve the rank of Beastar and finally, Haru, a white rabbit who is often shunned for her sexual promiscuity and she is the only person in her club. Every one of these characters is equal in one major way, internal struggles. You will witness sex, bullying, distrust, fear, but it's not always black, you will also see romantic tension and real relationships being formed; each interaction is richer than the previous.

The music is one of the key features in setting the mood and atmosphere, you may know the composer Kousaki from hits like Haruhi or the Monogatari series, he absolutely nailed the tone that this show sets. Sometimes jazzy, sometimes overflowing emotion, the OST is diverse and complementary. Each episode opens with a creative jazz stop-motion opening and you exit with a new ending song each episode.

Ah.. Studio Orange. They have done it again! I implore that you do not dismiss this show due to it being fully CGI, the fans of Houseki no Kuni should know just how visionary this studio is in their animation, presenting super detailed artwork and exceptional animation, it is still CGI, but it never feels clunky. The stunning direction and dynamic cinematography is just the icing on the cake, this is using CGI to its advantage and oh boy does it deliver. I can go on and on about how visually beautiful this show is, but you're better off seeing it for yourself.

This is a love letter to us all, for those of you who are interested in seeing a social commentary of carnivores and herbivores, the psychological aspects of anthropomorphic animals, the subtle coming-of-age themes, I can wholeheartedly recommend this.