Oct 31, 2019
Ellenwitch (All reviews)
No guns life does three things right that really draw you in. Those three things being.

An interesting world that makes you want to see more of what it is, what it holds, and what other characters roam such a world. As you can see with the description. I'm quite interested to see what other extends there are. As it's quite amazing how different each one is looking and the abilities they have.

The main characters personalities and who they are in general are great too. Who would've thought a guy with a gun for a head would have such an interesting background haha. But I find myself rooting for him as the story goes on.

An interesting set of characters that also add to it's interesting story. As I just stated, you'll make yourself wonder what else is in this world. Which adds to the final point, in that the story is rather great in itself. But even with a few episodes watched, it feels like there is still a whole lot to tell. It's really fascinating.

A must watch for this season of anime. If you like mystery, cyberpunk, and action. Then you'll surely love this. I know I do.