Oct 31, 2019
Tachik0ma (All reviews)
No Guns Life is a cyberpunk/noir set in a post-war world where soldiers underwent cybernetic enhancements reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell. The MC is a huge, morally gray, dark and broody guy with a giant revolver for a freaking head. The show has a noir aesthetic resulting in a dark, dim, and gloomy color palette that perfectly matches the theme of dark-underbelly-of-a-rotting-city reminiscent of Watchmen. The main antagonist is this embodiment of the military industrial complex that uses people as tools and discards them when no longer useful, sort of like Google with Guns with the motto: Be evil.

Though the prevailing theme of the show is noir, there are times of tonal dissonance when our hard-boiled MC turns blushing bumbling chibi when embarrassed. It feels like the show’s cheating by utilizing this form for comedy and clashes with the noir aesthetic that the show is aiming for. But it helps that our MC is actually a bit likable. He’s a bit of that gruff, snide, and condescending asshole who can actually care for others. The artstyle is gritty and dark for the most part, but the animation is pretty good and fight scenes are generally good. The conspiracy narrative could do with a bit more but overall it has competent execution. My impression with the first few episodes is that this is a seinen that has somehow carved a unique identity and should be an interesting watch.