Oct 31, 2019
Actually_Pit (All reviews)
I was scared about this to become an Anime. But let me explain better.
(No major spoilers review).

"Beastars", together whit "The Promised Neverland, is one of the best "New Entry" manga published in the last 2 years. Both of them won important cultural prizes in Japan (for example the "Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize"). Both of them are Shonen whit various seinen aspects, too.
But Beastars received an Anime adaption almost a year later than The Promised Neverland. Why?
First of all, Beastars have various elements that aren't "perfect" for a shonen anime that airs on a big platform such as Netflix: sex, blood scene, drugs, racism.....
I wonder how the animation studio will censor "Haru 18+ activities". Another factor, apart from the "censor" one, that penalizes the Anime is the CGI one. From the various trailers and the first episode, it appears to be good, but most of the people who watch it are gonna drop it whit a bad grade using the excuse of the shitty CGI animation. Another good part of the anime watchers are gonna drop it because "furry romance is shit", not understanding the characterization and the human side of every character. Sooooo... I hope the anime adaptation will be good but I know a lot of people are going to hate it without a particular reason. I also hope the Beastars community will remain quite calm as the fanbase that I know now, despite the haters' fact. If you're pissed off because of the CGI, read the manga, because this is surely a good product that needs more attention.
Now that I made this disclaimer I will review the various anime aspect.

The first part of the plot itself it's not that original, but neither is boring. I loved assisting at the directions that the main characters cast take after the introduction of the world.

The various main characters are characterized as good and is also very entertaining to see their movement inside the world of Beastars. The character design is quite simple but well done. A defect is the fact that different characters are used only 2 or 3 times and then they're thrown into the trash can. The villains are also very interesting characters with their backstory and behavior.

Art Style and Animation:8
Orange studio never disappoints under the graphical point of view. Excellent CGI.

I have to admit that I am a great fan of jazz-like music... I loved the opening and a great part of the OST in the anime.

I enjoyed a lot to watch all the characters from the manga moving and talking.
If you've arrived at this point, thank you for have read my stupid-ass review. Hope you will like this anime.