Oct 30, 2019
ZzzEz (All reviews)
I think people are missing the fact that this is more of a parody than a proper isekai. They’ll just take this as the “ugh op isekai character blah” Fortunately, its quite different. Commonly compared to KonoSuba, just not as creative and lacks in the observation region. The show throws punches at your typical isekai and jokes about the “snobby 0iq MC” or the “starting in low level region” and completely trashes the cliches/troupes.

I’d give the story a solid 7/10, only because the story goes against every single isekai and introduces (slightly) new content. Nothing really special though so I’ll keep it short.

The art I’d also give a 7, other than Ristarte’s disturbing and quite comedic faces, yet again nothing out the ordinary.

Yet another time, I’ll give sound a 7 as well, the opening, ending and other sound effects don’t really grab my attention other than when Ristarte starts speaking English: “Ooh, shecksee”

This is where things change, the characters, I can vouch for a 10, the MC is absolutely genius (and very shecksee) and does thing properly, perhaps too properly. Ristarte is the main part of this though, from the reaction faces, lovey daydreams straight to the way she acts, golden. Like her hair which is the only thing that makes her different from Aqua lul. Hell, even the antagonists are pretty good. Especially that first boss, whew, n0ice.

Finally, the major factor is deciding to continue watching or giving a proper rating, the enjoyment. Absolutely perfect. From the characters to the jokes and overkill, there’s really nothing to dislike. And the biggest part of this, is that this is an Isekai I can finally enjoy instead of “ughhh” at, quite rare.

All in all, a proper 8. Some people take things too seriously and just can’t absorb what’s being presented and nitpick at the “Isekai”. Compared to a proper show, its good enough. For an Isekai, its godly. And I’m sure an Isekai watcher isn’t going to complain if they watch Isekai, they know what they’re going to get, but this one is a surprise. Apologies for the rough and unrefined review. Recommended to watch.