Oct 30, 2019
"Do Whatever You Want" is a refreshing story because it really does whatever it wants. There is nothing truly predictable in this, because in a sense it does not really have a beginning, middle or an end. Then again, most slice of life stories do not have some specific goal, but this does not follow a path; characters you assumed would play an important role don't, though they remain a constant throughout everything; relationships you were sure would happen don't and instead you get a much more solid and natural development among characters; plot points that were obvious would happen never did, which led to a different kind of development.

It is a surprising read, because you can never be too sure where it will lead you next and the characters are also surprisingly interesting. That being said, the cliches are there one way or another, but the takes the creator decided on bring balanced results. The only true problem would be time gaps, which means that sometimes something important was happening but we do not see it, we only hear about it from the characters, usually days later and creating question marks above our heads.

The art is not everyone's cup of tea, I believe as sometimes the anatomy can be wonky and characters have really long limbs, etc, but most characters are distinguishable and rather pretty to watch. The backgrounds are generic without much detail. Nevertheless, a fun read for anyone into school drama.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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