Nov 16, 2010
Rasco (All reviews)
A man that has not felt the warmth of a women for ten Years! ;)

Gotou Kidnapped imprisoned in a small room, for ten years He was stuck in this small space, For what reasons? Eating the same thing every day for a decade; only thing he has is a T.V.

Not interest you yet. Like letting a bird out of its cage.

Not knowing who to trust, coming back to a world that has changed a spectacular story where a man must step up his game and find the one who imprisoned him, Revenge is on his mind, curiosity is on his mind. Now he plays detective to unravel this mystery.

See how Gotou has changed and what he finds out about his past. The reasons behind all this mess. Yet he stays cool, Calm and collected. See the Encounters he makes and the friends who have not forgotten him.

The manga Has good art takes you to a different atmosphere, its not too dark or to peaceful, the twist and turns are always a blast. The anticipation is heart breaking, and as we all know the cliff hangers to every volume makes you want to just keep on reading.

With this said I am looking forward to what this manga has to offer in the End, although a very old series still one of the best in my mind.

Fed up with the manga, check out the Korean movie adaption of old boy. A live action and well made movie.

Good ending bad ending the Story is what makes this amazing enough to check out, from what i can see.

After You read there is a also a good synopsis.