Nov 16, 2010
Faisa_Dragon (All reviews)
This is my first review for a manga series. I just started really getting into manga and i really hope my review helps you out in some way!

ok, ill start out with the story.

story (9). The story may sound a little genaric when you first read the summery but it is so much more then it may seem. when I first read the summery i thought to myself, wow yet another ' person has a tragic childhood and somehow gets a great power and keeps it a secret while becoming a undercover superhero, at the same time trying to exact revenge on his parents killers! Well, after seeing the cover of the manga i just couldnt help picking it up after seeing how hot the main character is! XD but thats just me lol. Although the story may seem a little pradictable at times it always manages to add a twist where you least expect it! It combinds law enforcment with supernatural monsters and creatures (some are good) and a hero to balence it out. overall i think the story is great!

Art (10). The art in this manga is very good! is clear detailed and flowing. One thing i will say though is that sometimes there is soo much going on in a panel that it can be hard to tell what going on, but if you have more experience in manga it might be easier for you then for me lol. overall i thought the art was great and nerver lacked!

character (9). For the mot part the characters in arago are well developed. some of the characters how ever may be slightly lacking but overal its pretty well done. every character is uniqe and spercial. I cant really ay weather the characters are under-developed or not because the stary is still being published and i have only read 44 chapters. but so far so good as far as the characters go! =D

enjoyment (10). i am enjoying this manga very much and i anticapate the comming of each new chapter! the only complaint i have about thin manga is how darn short each chapter is!!! they are only around 20 pages each chapter and it bugs me sooo much!! >.