Oct 24, 2019
LadyAxeFace (All reviews)
Geeze, Kimi no Sei is such a bizarre rollercoaster. It starts off normal enough, with the premise that Takaya used to bully Yukina in grade school, which for her was horribly traumatic, but he barely remembers it. In college, they're reunited, and not really remembering her, Takaya is instantly attracted to Yukina. Yukina does remember, and decides to get revenge. At first this manga seemed like it was going to be a realistic exploration of this type of problematic premise, so if that bothers you, then obviously don't read it. One thing I liked about it is that rather being nicey nice, the author wrote that Yukina was going to get revenge, which is an unusual direction, and also makes it more bearable to read about her hanging out with her former bully than if she was just continuously getting victimized. But then, the manga takes a bizarre turn into left field, changing genres entirely into an extremely out of place thriller. Throw in a couple of characters whose motivations are entirely unclear, and crappy writing that accidentally made her teacher into a MAJOR creep, when I don't think that was the author's intent at all, seeing as Yurina didn't really seem to question it. It's pretty impressive they managed to accomplish all this wrong in just nine chapters. The one redeeming feature is the art, which is pretty good for a shoujo.