Oct 23, 2019
an_Enchanter (All reviews)
Episode 13 is hot garbage. I am sure that been stated enough by others and I fully agree with those that have voiced it. It was clear episode 12 was the finale with hero types coming out of the woodwork to fight the big bad. I guess it was meant as an OVA I assume, but whatever. OVA or not, it still did not do this series any favors.

On to real talk now. I found characters designs to be adequate. Nothing ground breaking there. Art style for interior/city backgrounds I found to be well done in most cases; most rural/outdoor areas where nothing special. The story follows a very linear game like style (no surprise being based on a game). The formula consisted of go to island, help the spirit there, get a map piece that clues the crew where to go next; picking up new friends along the way. For as mediocre as it sounds it was still enjoyable to watch.

I liked this anime more than I should have, mainly because I was thinking of how much fun it would be to DM a game of D&D in this type of setting. Which got a mind churning with great ideas for a campaign.