Oct 22, 2019
Sempai4Hire (All reviews)
This is without a doubt the worst fucking thing I've ever seen.
The entire first episode was devoid of any meaningful content and it had the worst art direction and shot composition in the history of this medium.

The character designs are the only thing that could even be considered a 2/10 because they at least look generic but even then the main replacement singer is the worst looking character in a show where he is the only plot point if you could even consider calling it that.

The harsh sound design was appalling for a musical show.
For a show called dynamic chord I definitely wished the show had any music or shots worth calling dynamic

I don't think I could ever even ironically watch this again to make fun of it

If anything ever kills this medium it will be from the aftereffects of this show and I hope that the director is blacklisted from the industry and exiled from japan.