Oct 22, 2019
N44K00 (All reviews)
Below the Cavendish Manor lays forgotten chambers of healing, through Diana's study, ancient tensions are ceased with dragons, the leylines are reinvigorated via these types of archaeological actions. Like most media concerning questions of witchcraft, LWA is overtly traditional and revivalist, but at such a late stage of genre-writing that its most interesting themes are dealt with only as framing tropes for what is clearly the true text of the show, the character motions played out in subtle and obvious drama as the story movies forward. At the very least, an interesting door is opened in interpreting the role of media and theatrics in showing the path for the protagonists to unlock this magical tradition, with the revival of the past being done through the benefits of this theatrical figure restoring a sort of poetic magic to life. In doing this, fantasy is coping with its own role in enabling access to mystical encounters, ie, the Lovecraftian "grimoires" concocted by varieties of authors inspiring true experienced as they have truth in form, if not content. If nothing else, this interesting lesson and fanfiction-inspiration make it worth watching.