Oct 22, 2019
Tdotitan (All reviews)
So i feel kinda conflicted on this show, i have seen it three times in my life. The first time i felt kinda meh about it, i found a few characters aggravating, i liked the core idea, and there were a few cool moments but it felt kinda meh. The story is very similar to the short that Mamoru Hosoda worked on for the digimon movie, i loved that as a kid and it feels very much like that. I think i prefer that short to this but it does feel very similar.

The second time i watched this was with my grandma, i felt like watching it and she kinda just walked in and saw it, she loved it and it was cool watching it with her, and while i still found a few characters a bit annoying since it felt like there was a few misconceptions that were needed to further the plot, and i kinda hate the "misconception" trope where people dont communicate and that causes problems....If someone else hates that then i think at the very least there might be some aggrivating scenes.

The third time i watched it with my parents and had kinda a similar experience lol, i found a few of the characters still a bit annoying but they did have a charm to them. Eventually i grew to tolerate the annoying characters, but i did like the "outcast character" the most. I felt his part in the story was important and i found the grandma irritating a few times, although other times i liked her.

Overall though i liked the entire story, i found the romance to be a bit mediocore, and ham fisted in, but i understand why they did, im just kinda sick of romance a bit.

I dont really remember the sound that much but it had some good thematic music i think

Overall i would say watch this if you like cool scenes, shows that talk about family, and also like "family melodrama" or shows with miscommunication and people not talking when talking and explaining yourself would solve the problem