Oct 22, 2019
MrHaibo (All reviews)
This had to be one of the best OVA/ONAs I have ever seen for any anime

Before I start, I would like to add the fact that I was planning on writing a review for the main anime, but I never got to it, so some of my opinions of the first season will also be put in here if it is suitable. I assume that everyone here has watched the 1st season, because why would you be here otherwise.

even tho this ONA follows the story of the main anime, it introduces something that the main story doesn't have that much of, detailed one on one PVPs that doesn't only show the in game side, but also the player. In the last episode, the fight between Rou Tang and the pro player even gave me initial D flash backs when the player's real life stamina was mentioned. This gives the in game fights more of a realistic feel as the power levels and the abilities of characters are never clearly explained to the viewers(Which is a good thing). I'm looking forward to this story telling technique being used further into the series as the anime seems to be shifting its weight more towards the competitive side of the game.

In terms of the storyline in these 3 episodes, nothing really sticks out. However, the few progresses made are very crucial to the season 2 release and the main storyline as the esports team that has been hinted at is officially created in the last scene. Not only does this allow us to get an idea for that's to come, but it also fixes up a few things that were not fully concluded such as Xiu Ye's hidden identity towards Guo Chen and Rou Tang.

As someone who lived in China for the first 12 years of my life, I really didn't like any Chinese anime till a few weeks ago. In fact, I used to preferred Japanese anime OVER Chinese anime because I didn't have to listen to the awkward voice acting in Chinese anime. The king's avatar however, has perfect voice acting which made me laugh at times, and emotional at others, it's not forced and fits in with how people actually talk in Mandarin. This is what we need more of to come out of China. I'm very proud of this anime both as a casual anime viewer and someone who is Chinese.

Over all, this is an anime serious that I will keep on watching and hopefully enjoying.