Oct 22, 2019
Shelter (Anime) add (All reviews)
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
This will break my record for the shortest thing I've ever reviewed, so that's something.

No, but really, this little short actually felt really special to watch. For one thing, the music is absolutely gorgeous. Of course it would be, right? But the mood of the music was chosen very well. The art, again, was stunning. The character design was something I adored, and the colors and environments were drawn really nicely. After we talk visuals and sound, what's left? What's left is the fact that this six minute piece of animation told an entire story that was both interesting and heartbreaking. In any medium of storytelling, details matter. It especially matters if detail is the only thing you have to tell your story, and this short excelled in that. It made great use of the sets and various other aspects to give you a load of information in just a few frames. It really did make me feel like I watched an entire movie within a six minute time frame; that's how rich the story was able to get.

Overall, of course, you can't expect this film to go too far outside of the parameters it has set for itself-- that being the short time frame-- but don't sell it short. For something this minuscule to tell the story it did? Impressive. I hope this is a format we can see more of in the future because I'd like to see what stories we can experience.